Indispensable for construction machinery,
The existence of a counterweight.

We manufacture and sell counterweights, which are construction machinery parts.
Making use of more than half a century of experience and technology, making things that only we can do
We continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Why doesn't the crane car fall? ~ Role of counterweight ~

A counterweight is a weight that is attached in the opposite direction of the luggage.
In work such as "digging" and "hanging", a large weight is applied to the front, and if there is nothing, it will fall. Therefore, it is equipped with a weight for balancing at the rear.
Many things around us use such functions.

There is a counterweight in such a place!
Railroad crossing barrier
Stage curtain

Counterweights for construction machinery-Unsung heroes specializing in "supporting"-

Our weights are mainly used in construction machinery (excavators, cranes),
As a key player behind civil engineering and construction, we contribute to society with our unique positioning.
There are two types of weights we handle: can counterweight and casting counterweight.

Can making counterweight

Various iron materials such as iron plates are cut and welded to make three-dimensional products.
Fill the inside of the product with heavy concrete,
We manufacture weights to meet a wide range of needs, such as 1 to 30 tons.

Casting counterweight

The metal is heated and melted, poured into a mold, cooled, and solidified to make a product.
It is possible to handle complicated shapes that are difficult with can-making weights.