Message from the president

president message PHOTO Our company is manufacturing and supplying
the counterweights, parts of construction
machinery.Blessed with good customers,
business partners, and good employees,
our business has been pushed forward for
50 years from my grandfather’s generation.

During these 50 years, the thing we have
always been thinking is not only to
manufacture counterweights, but also to continue the growth of employees through their work.

This thought has been put into our company motto called “Our Creed” which is always chanted by our
employees in every morning.

Through their work, employees will grow, and they will make good products, and these products will bring
satisfaction and delight to our customers. I hope this cycle will be passed down in our ONDO METAL CO., LTD
without any change in the future.
「Our Work is, through our products, to bring happiness to a great many people.」
Thank you for your continuous support and guidance.